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About Us

Bex Hammocks originated in Minnesota starting in 2011, after graduating from Design School. With the love of traveling and adventure, Bex moved to Breckenridge, CO where she met her match Ted; shortly after they hopped in a van to travel the west coast selling their art before settling down in Englewood, CO where Bex Hammocks has been growing for the past 11 years. Bex's love for travel, adventure and color sparked the whole idea behind the hammocks to bring you a package that has a lot of personality and sustainability. Keeping things simple, going back to the basics, Bex Hammocks highlights on as many senses as possible such as connecting to nature, connecting with color vibrations and with the softest and strongest of materials so you can rejuvenate your soul while connecting with all thats around you. 


"We are in LOVE with how our backyard is looking now that we have some Bex Shades in the backyard that complement our new garden"

— Esty's's, Family 


"My fanny pack comes with me everywhere and it is perfect for carrying all my belongings on day hikes"

— Sarah, HecStudios

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