Sky Walker will make you feel like your are floating in the sky with the rest of the clouds above.  Sky Walker is a unique hand tie-dyed hammock full of one big blue sprial leaving highlights of all shades of blues.  This hammock is of the Explorer Hammock Series and is made out of 2.2 oz Mountain XL Hybrid Ripstop Nylon. The Hybrid pattern is a tighter weave and allows for stronger weight limits.  Sky Walker is your ultimate explorer hammock, as it is stronger and extremely durable than any other hammocks out there!   With this series of hammocks, you will be able to sleep and lay two adults comfortably with the width of the hammock spanning to 72" wide and the hammock running 9' long.  The pouch, the hammock came in,  is permanently attached to the hammock and can hold your personal items while in the hammock.  🌞

Sky Walker

  • Explorer Hammocks are made of 2.2 oz Mountain XL Hybrid Ripstop.  Hybrid means stronger and thicker yarn sewn into a Hex grid pattern, which allows for extra strength.Hammock width is 72" wide. 

    **Refrain from wearing any pointy belts and try to keep your keys in the pouch. If your hammock gets a small hole, keep any eye on it, and be careful. If a hole becomes large, I'd advise not to use it for safety purposes.   

    ***Hammock INCLUDES a pair of carabinears but NOT tree straps.  Carabinears can hold up to 1,200 lbs***