Dandelion is a gift that will provide happiness and is a promise of total faithfulness!  This hammock will leave you feeling filled up and recharged.  It is jazzed up with two different fabrics, allowing for extra strength and style.  Dandelion reaches 9' 2" in length, 52” wide, this hammock can hold up to 750lb. The Material used is a Woven Upholstery Fabric, allowing for them to be extra durable and extremely sustainable in strength. You could fit two people in this hammock weight wise, but width of the hammock would be mostly comfortable for one person at a time! 

Included in the hammock package you will find, 2 pillows designed specific for each hammcok, 2 x 20' of 1" black polyester webbing, allowing for maximum reach. Each hammock comes in its own personal tote bag, custom to the size of the hammock, with a front pocket to store personal items. The tote bag can be used for other activities than just holding the hammock and accessories. Also included will be care, wash and dry instructions and Bex Knot video on how to hang the hammock. All Hammocks can be hung from anywhere there is structurally sound trees, fences, hammock stands, eye hooks hung from beams, functional just about anywhere.


  • Bex Hammocks are made of Woven Upholstry Fabrics, giving you maximum strength and durability.  All 'Family' Hammocks can be washed on warm and thrown in the dryer to dry.  Weight limit is 800 lbs.  Hammock package includes 2 hammock pillows, a tote bag to hold the hammock and other accessories and 2 x 25' 1" webbing to hang the hammock.