Grey Boy is such a cozy, chill hammock chair!  Its light in color and in weight, and just the right size for you to get comfortable in for the afternoon.  With the hammock reaching 4' 1" long and 54" wide, Grey Boy is perfect for one person to sit in at a time!  Dont let the color and weight fool you, this bad boy can hold up to 450 lbs!  There are various ways you can adjust the your chair hammock to be more comfortable for you.


Included with the hammock chair you will recieve 2 x 20' of 1" black polyester webbing, allowing for maximum reach around tree branches.  Also included will be care and wash/dry instructions. All Hammocks can be hung from anywhere there is structurally sound trees, fences, hammock stands, eye hooks hung from beams,etc.


Also dont forget, all Chair Hammocks are multi-functional! The hammock can be used as a blanket, padding on the ground, wind or shade struture, throw over your couch or bed. While the straps that hang the hammock (webbing) are designed to hold 2,500 lbs allowing to be used for rock climbing, and extra form of rope to hold things down or together.  


                            Functional Just about anywhere!!

Grey Boy

  • Bex Chair Hammocks are made of tightly Woven Upholstry Fabrics, giving you maximum strength and durability.  All Chair Hammocks can be washed on warm and thrown in the dryer to dry.  Included with the chair hammock you will have, 2 x 25' 1" webbing to hang the chair hammock.